Cheapest DOT Physical Near Me

Cheapest DOT Physical Near Me Where Are They in Charlotte NC?

Cheapest DOT physical near me: Anyone who knows anything about being a commercial truck driver knows that it requires hard work and long hours. Because the truck driver is controlling a vehicle that can cause major damage they have a lot of responsibility. This means they have to maintain a level of health so that society can be reasonably certain that they have the ability to properly control that commercial vehicle. This means that they must get regular physicals in order to maintain their commercial driver’s license.

How Do I Find The Cheapest DOT Physical Near Me?

Very often when someone is looking to become a truck driver for the first time they don’t have any money. To even start school or to take the commercial learner’s permit exam will require that they have a physical and a medical card. For this reason, many of them are looking to get the physical as cheaply as possible.

cheapest DOT physical near me

In the past, it was possible to get this type of physical by almost any doctor. That is no longer allowed because the new FMCSA regulations require that the physical be done by someone certified and approved by DOT. This means if you get a physical from a regular doctor who is not certified then you will not be able to get a medical card that would allow you to move forward with your truck driving career.

Medical examiners that want to perform DOT approved physicals must be trained and certified so that the FMCSA knows they will follow the standards set by that organization. The drivers themselves are required to get this physical in order to qualify to become or to remain a commercial truck driver.  This means that it isn’t enough just to look for the cheapest DOT physical near me.

A driver must make sure that it is performed by a certified examiner. Another concern is the fact that many major carriers who are willing to hire new drivers will not accept all physicals even if they were performed by a certified examiner. If the driver is planning to go to work for one of these major carriers or they are planning to go to school, they should discuss the matter with the carrier or the school to determine if there are any special requirements or examiners that they are required to go to.

If the new driver fails to speak to the carrier or the school then even if they managed to find a cheap clinic with a certified examiner it may not be accepted. That said, there are some basic ways to find certified examiners in your area that offer affordable pricing. One of the best ways is to simply do a search online. Google has a great local search capacity and by simply entering in what it is that you’re looking for you will find that medical examiner’s come up and oftentimes they will advertise a DOT approved physical for less than $60.

It’s also possible that if someone is going to a major carrier or school then the cost of the physical will be included in the cost of going through truck school. Since many of the truck schools offer financing then it may be that the new driver can have the physical done without any immediate money out of their pocket. If they are going to a major carrier that offers their own training school then very often there’s no immediate money out of the driver’s pocket for the physical.